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Although Tivat thrived in the nineteenth century, the town reached its best times in recent years. Nowadays, Tivat is even called the Monaco of the Balkans thanks to the luxurious Porto Montenegro. Including visiting this modern area, there are many things that visitors to the city can do.

The central Tivat has a seaside promenade called Obala maršala Tita. On the off chance that you stroll along the shore towards the north, you’ll arrive at Porto Montenegro immediately. Along these lines, the most focal region to pick a hotel is someplace close to the promenade. Remember, in any case, that it may get loud there at the night. Henceforth, do consider carrying earplugs with you in the event of some unforeseen issue, on the off chance that you suit along the promenade.

Here, we are taking a gander at the spots that you should visit when you are in Tivat to finish your experience.

Porto Montenegro

The marina of Tivat is pressed with lavish yachts and littler pontoons. The lanes behind the marina are all around kept up with palm trees and different plants all over the place. Porto Montenegro comprises predominantly private lofts. The territory additionally contains eateries, attire stores, a hotel, and a school. It resembles a community inside a town, only a couple of squares in size.

It’s helpful to walk around the territory, and you can move unreservedly in many pieces of the marina also.

There was a critical marina as of now in the mid-nineteenth century, as the Austro-Hungarian Empire utilized it as a maritime base until the First World War. Afterward, it filled in as the primary maritime base for the Yugoslav People’s Army.

For quite a few years, the marina housed the Arsenal shipyard, which made Tivat a monetarily critical town in Montenegro. As Arsenal was closed down in 2007, the development of the present marina was initiated. It was Canadian-claimed at first yet offered to Dubai later on.

Seaside promenade

The seaside promenade of Tivat is short and occupied. The line of cafés starts to top off towards the nighttimes with grown-ups eating and kids playing their games. The promenade is an appropriate territory to set out toward a supper.

Sea Museum

The Maritime Museum, formally known as Naval Heritage Museum, is arranged north of Porto Montenegro. The Maritime Museum contains old sea gear, for example, overwhelming jumping suits, and a presentation concerning the historical backdrop of the port.

Before the structure, there are two submarines from Yugoslavian time. For an extra expense, you can go inside the bigger of the submarines. The submarines are indicated together in one of the photos in the exhibition.

Buća-Luković Museum and Gallery

Buća-Luković Museum and Gallery contains a little exhibition hall and changing displays in two stories. In the inward yard, there’s a little sanctuary. The historical center is built into a Venetian time royal residence that had a place with the Buća family.

It is arranged upper east of the upper finish of the seaside promenade. First head up the road “Trg od culture”, and near its northern end, go to a little rear entryway, “Trg culture”, to your left side. The passageway is at the foot of a tall pinnacle. In the mid-year of 2019, the passage was complimentary.

Day trips

The separations are short in the cove of Kotor, and you ought to think about visiting different goals of the territory too. Notable Kotor is unquestionably worth a visit. Taking a pontoon excursion to the island church, Our Lady of the Rocks is a mainstream trip, of which there’s more data in the Perast article.

Pontoon trips, angling, and so forth are offered by suppliers, for example, Polar Star.

Veliki Gradski Park

Behind Porto-Montenegro unfurls an enormous woodland-like town park. While the recreation center gives a decent option in contrast to seaside sees, that is practically all it brings to the table.


North of Porto Montenegro, there are a couple of rock stone beaches and the Waikiki Beach Club inside strolling separation. While the eatery zone of the beach club has free access, an extra charge is gathered to the beach and folding seats.

The rock stone beaches are arranged on the two sides of a little cape. The beach zones south of the seaside promenade have a place principally with the hotels.

Pržno Beach – Plavi Horizonti

Forgoing a decent day on a beach, consider the untamed sea beach Plavi Horizonti, otherwise called Pržno Bay/Beach, which is arranged exactly 10 kilometers from the inside in the center of no place.

This beach has fine sand and generally shallow water. As the image was taken at the start of June 2019, the beach was under redesign. The eatery was being painted, and even the patio seats were still coming up. Commonly in midsummer, in any case, it’ll be anything other than left, as the beach is exceptionally famous among local people.

The most straightforward approach to finding a good pace is by taxi. There’s additionally the van-sized Blue Line transport working between the beach and the middle a couple of times each day, however thinking about the size of the vehicle, you shouldn’t depend entirely on the transport.


In Tivat, the shopping conceivable outcomes are moderate, particularly on attire. Close to the seaside promenade, there are a few stores to be found. What’s more, Porto Montenegro has a couple of little boutiques with extravagance marks top-notch. You’ll experience no difficulty in spending a financial limit of any size there.