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Best Restaurants in Tivat

Tivat restaurants have gotten probably the most well-known on the coast since the new Porto Montenegro built up itself in Tivat. These days there are many high-quality restaurants that you will love. Let’s check the best restaurants you can visit on Tivat.

The Regent

The Regent offers a truly elevated class feasting involvement with Tivat. It is somewhat overrated yet very great. The setting is stunning – running water, verdant nurseries, and all with a view over the yachts. So in case you’re searching for a stunning encounter instead of an astounding dinner, you’ll most likely be very glad.


Theodorus is likewise a nearby most loved in Tivat. They have an extraordinary worth lunch of entire barbecued fish for just €5. They likewise do English morning meals with frankfurters and beans. Theodorus is the focal point of Tivat, by the way of life focus.


One is situated in the Teuta assembling directly toward the beginning of Jetty 1, the principal wharf of Porto Montenegro. They serve easygoing, contemporary cooking and the bordering wine bar implies they have consistently had an incredible determination of global wines on offer. This is one of only a handful, not many places in Montenegro to serve eggs benedict.


Pilo is the first Montenegrin café in Porto Montenegro. They have some expertise in new, nearby fixings and cutting-edge air.


Sidro is a neighborhood most loved on the Tivat Marina. Not Porto Montenegro, however, Tivat’s first marina is called Kalimanj. The eatery has the best barbecue in Tivat. It additionally does homestyle nourishment as a Balkan mom would make.

Konoba Kroket

Konoba Kroket is a little bar on the seaside street in Prcanj, which lies among Kotor and Tivat. Being a “konoba”, they have practical experience in nearby style seafood – mussels, fish, calamari, and fish pate. The fish here is in every case extremely crisp and the administration is fantastic. This little “konoba” is constantly the most loved of Prcanj local people and guests the same. At around 8 Euros for the mussel “buzara”, a dinner here won’t scratch your pocket either.

Al Posto Giusto

As the name proposes, Al Posto Giusto has some expertise in Italian cooking with kinds of pasta, pizzas, and other contemporary dishes. We like to get a restful breakfast on their outside wharf ignoring the marina at the ends of the week. Fried eggs with leek are particularly acceptable. The rosemary tortilla that accompanies it makes them break all low-carb goals.


On the off chance that you have sushi desires that must be revealed, Mitsu is the spot for you. This is one of just two places in Montenegro where you can get Japanese cooking.


You can’t miss Prova on the promenade in focal Tivat. The structure is molded like a ship and is an extraordinary spot to appreciate a sun-drenched late breakfast, lunch, or supper. They have seating neglecting the narrows from either the seafront or rooftop top territories.