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Best Places To Eat in Tivat

There are many restaurants and cafes around Tivat. While most of these places are quite good, some of them are particularly better. Even though it is best to go around and test these places yourself to find the ones that fit your taste the best, we gathered some of the exceptional ones for you. Down here, you can see the best places to eat in Tivat.

Al Posto Giusto

Of the entirety of Porto’s cafés, this is the one generally equipped towards nearby tastes and thus the one with the buzziest environment. Specials and kid’s shows are scribbled straight onto the dark dividers, and there’s an open kitchen where you can watch the pizza culinary experts bolstering the wood-terminated stove.

Large Ben

On the off chance that you have a craving for a full English breakfast (short the prepared beans), head to this beach bistro where a red telephone box and pictures of Sean Connery’s James Bond, Shakespeare, Alfred Hitchcock, and Sherlock Holmes sit incoherently against the Adriatic scenery. Much increasingly indistinguishable is the remainder of the delectable menu: Balkan seafood and meat barbecues, pasta, and pizza.


This solitary brasserie has one of the most costly perspectives in the nation, looking at more than trillions of euros of megayachts. The administration is a counterpart for the stunning area and the menu is as fly setting as the customer base – fluttering between French, Russian, Indian and American yet exceeding expectations in Italian. It likewise does astounding Western-style morning meals.


Byblos’ inside is substantial on climate – all lamps and rich exotica – while the outside ‘Mezze and Shisa Terrace’ is a swelling hideaway of luxurious private tents; it’s a disgrace that the toilets don’t fulfill similar guidelines. The menu offers an upmarket turn on Lebanese cooking, despite the fact that it’s to some degree hit and miss.


Concealed away behind a house on a private road, this beguiling family-run café is out of this world nearby. Take a load off in the nursery close to the tinkling wellspring and fold into delicious, smoky Balkan top choices, for example, “pljeskavica” with “kajmak” or flame-broiled fish.


At the point when you become ill from spending time with individuals wearing deck shoes, head to this famous nearby joint. The menu stretches to prepared morning meals, scrumptious sandwiches, pizza, pasta, steaks, and a serving of mixed greens, or you can simply set out in toward an espresso or a lager. On Friday evenings it’s Tivat’s most famous unrecorded music setting.


Bonella is a new interpretation of a supermarket, which is loaded to its classy rafters with natural produce, extravagant wellbeing nourishments and universal nourishment marks that you’d be unable to discover anyplace else in the nation. It likewise has an amazing takeaway nourishment counter selling everything from “burek” (appetizing cakes) to gourmet sandwiches, plates of mixed greens, and squeezes.