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Best Places For Drinking And Nightlife in Tivat

There are so many places to enjoy around Tivat. If you enjoy drinking or looking for places of nightlife, the city offers you many options. But to help you find the best ones, we gathered some of the top ones for you. Down here, you can see the best places for drinking and nightlife in Tivat.

Clubhouse Porto Montenegro

The Clubhouse is an energetic bar with an upmarket beach-shack vibe that has unrecorded music and screwy-themed evenings and screens global football and rugby matches. There’s a decent determination of imported beers you can find here.


Tivat’s gathering royal residence, with top DJs, model-type barkeeps, and a sparkling, select horde of merrymakers shaking their stuff until sun-up. You’ll need to scour up for this one.

Craft Café

To drink some craft beer, Craft Café is a spot to suggest. Its menu offers a determination of Mediterranean dishes, specialty brews, mixed drinks, conventional espresso, and organic product teas. The bistro is at the waterfront, so the view is nice too.

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The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is a great little gastropub that swims against Montenegro’s torrent of wines and rakija, presenting lashings of specialty brew and cool mixed drinks. At the end of each week, you can enjoy good music here with live bands and DJ performances.