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Transport Options in Tivat

When you come to Tivat, perhaps the first thing you will need to deal with is to find a transportation method to get to the places you want to go to. Depending on what you want to experience or how much transportation expenses you are willing to make, you have different options.

In Montenegro, taxis are quite a common way of getting around. Taxi services are mostly quite practical and affordable. Montenegrin locals use instant messaging apps to call taxis to their locations, which is quite practical and easy to use as a foreigner too.

Alternatively, you can also use special transport services. These are companies that work like taxis but offer better services such as reservations and some guidance. They can get you from the exact spot you arranged and you can know the exact cost you will have with them as you will get a fixed price. In the event that you are in a rush, have a ton of things to carry, or travel with family, you should consider booking special transport beforehand.

There are also various public transport options but these are not always easy to use to reach the locations you want. You can pick public transport in the event that you have a lot of time and need to set aside cash or appreciate long strolls and some extra adventure.

Taxi prices in Tivat

All Montenegrin cities or towns have a taxi administration that regulates the prices. For instance, Tivat taxi drivers charge 80 cents for one kilometer, and a taxi in Podgorica costs 40. Usually, these organizations have a minimum price that you will pay even if you use them for a short distance. Depending on your baggage number and weight there are some extras too. And, of course, these prices change a bit in different seasons. But in general, you can easily calculate the estimated transportation costs you will have in a proper margin.

However, you should be careful about one thing. While there are numerous taxi organizations that are regulated and work with predictable prices, there are also independent drivers that will have taxi signs on their vehicles. The prices of these independent taxis are not fixed and they can charge you whatever they want. Especially when you cannot communicate with them by using a common language this can lead to unexpected expenses and even arguments. In general, you recognize these independent taxis by their lack of company logos and numbers on the vehicles. These are still a viable option as long as you are aware of their independence and you can communicate with them about the prices.

Transport at Tivat Airport

Unfortunately, there is no public transport stops around Tivat Airport. So as to take a between city transport going to Budva or Kolasin, you should go for a 200-meters walk from the terminal to the thruway with your bag, and there you should hail transport. On the chance that you are intending to get from the airport to the Tivat center, you will likewise need to stroll along the parkway or go to the Tivat bus stop which is 800 meters away.

It would probably be much better if you call a taxi by using messaging apps or arrange special transport. If you need to go to the city from the airport, you can also find a lot of taxis waiting outside the airport too. But again, as we mentioned, some of these will be non-regulated drivers, and their prices can be surprisingly high. So if you want to avoid independent taxis, try to choose one with a proper taxi organization logo on it.