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About Tivat Guide Website

Tivat Guide

Our website is a site that offers you everything you want to know about Tivat, the beautiful city of Montenegro. We hope you enjoy our Tivat Guide Website, which is organized in a blog style.

Montenegro is a small country located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The name of the country is actually Crna Gora (Black Mountain), but the Italian word for “Black Mountain” (Monte-Negro) has become widespread in international usage. This small fairy tale country has many touristic cities. Tivat is one of these cities. We will try to tell you about Tivat, a seaside city with magnificent beaches, on our Tivat Guide website.

Tivat Guide Website

There is so much to say about Tivat that this site will never be complete. Because we will never be able to say all that needs to be said and be finished talking about Tivat. The fact that such a small city has so much to tell may not be convincing to those who have not seen Tivat. Best to see.

We know that you are curious about Tivat and there are many things you want to know about it. How to get to Tivat? What are the must-see places in Tivat? What to buy and eat in Tivat city? Where are the best places to eat and drink? What is Tivat’s nightlife like?

What are the most beautiful beaches in and around Tivat? What are the best and cheapest hotels in Tivat? What are the entertainment places in Tivat city for the best nightlife? Can I find a cheap hostel in Tivat? Which are the luxury hotels? You can find answers to many of your questions like these on our Tivat Guide website.

Sections of the Tivat Guide Website

To make it easier for you to find information, we have divided our site into several sections. Together, these sections make our site a blog-style Tivat Guide Website.

  • In the Tivat section, you can find general information about the city. These are usually information that you cannot find on a regular Tivat Guide Website. In addition, articles that are not suitable for other sections on the site are in this section.
  • The City Tips section is devoted to information we recommend you learn before coming to Tivat and tips to make things easier in the city. We recommend you to read all the articles in this most read section of our Tivat Guide Website.
  • The Places to See section provides preliminary information about must-see places in Tivat. What are the places to visit in Tivat? What are the must-see places in Tivat? The answers to the classic questions that should be on every Tivat Guide Website are gathered in this section.
  • The Hotels & Restaurants section is the section that contains introductory information about the hotels and restaurants in Tivat. It is a section that we can call the destination of searches made in the form of hotels in Tivat or Tivat hotels. In this section, you can get to know the restaurants and hotels in the city and make online reservations if you wish. It is a section of our Tivat Guide Website where it competes with the Tivat Hotels website.
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    Cities, tourist facilities, hotels, and museums change over time. Travel laws, codes of practice, transportation methods, and trends are constantly changing. Some existing touristic institutions are closing, some new institutions are opening. The addresses, contact information, or working styles of these institutions are changing. We are trying our best to follow all these changes and reflect them on our website. But still, some changes may have escaped our attention or we may be “sometimes” late in reflecting them on the site. We do not guarantee, and we make no such claim, that the information on our site is up-to-date and complete.

    Some information on our Tivat Guide Website may be outdated and no longer valid. Therefore, the reader can use the information on the site only at their own risk. Those who do not accept this rule are not allowed to use this information. The site, site administrators, and authors are not responsible for any damage and loss that may arise from the use of the information on the site.

    For information that may not be “up-to-date”, we recommend that you click on the links of the relevant institutions on this site and get the most up-to-date information from them.

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